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Advanced Training School on Modern Light Sources and their Applications

  • December 7-9, 2017
  • Hotel Forrás, Szeged

Advanced Training School on Basic Priniciples, Instrumentation and Applications of X-ray Free Electron Lasers (X-FELs) and Extreme Light Infrastructures (ELI sources)

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This 3 day school provides an introduction to modern X-ray sources, including synchrotrons, X-ray free electron lasers and laser-driven X-ray sources (like ELI). Beside the tutorials about the sources, there will be application-oriented lectures outlining the impact of these sources on different areas of science, including biology, chemistry, physics, materials science, geosciences and industrial applications. The program is formed such that PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and also senior scientists could benefit from it. A site visit at the ELI-ALPS is included in the program. 

The school will take place at the Hotel Forrás, Szeged, December 7-9, 2017, and at the ELI-ALPS.

Registration is open till November 10, 2017. 

Program committee: Gyula Faigel, Robert Feidenhansl Győző Garab, György Vankó 

Local organizing committe: Dénes Lajos Nagy, Gyula Faigel, György Vankó, László Zimányi

Basic structure of the school

Introduction (G. Faigel)

1. Tutorials (45 minutes)
a. Synchrotron sources (basics: injection, linear accelerator, storage ring, lattice, wiggler, undulator, beam parameters) (This may be included in my introductory talk, because we have discussed this topic many times in earlier schools, and these sources are the best known.) 
b. XFEL sources (basics: injection, linear accelerator, undulators, tapering, seeding, slicing, beam parameters)  (R. Feindenhansl)
c. Laser driven sources (basics: main driving laser systems, secondary sources HHG, beam parameters) (K. Varjú)

2. About the actual sources ESRF, EU XFEL, ELI ALPS (may be ELI Beamlines, and ELI NP) (45 or 30 min, depending on the speakers)
a. ESRF (short history, organization, beamlines, as a user facility,  upgrades, future). (M. Krisch)
b. EU- XFEL (short history, organization, beamlines, as a user facility,  start, upgrades, future). (TBA)
c. ELI ALPS (short history, organization, beamlines, as a user facility, start,  upgrades, future). (K. Osvay)

3. Application examples and methods (45 or 30 min, depending on the speakers)


  • Janos Hajdu
  • Michael  Krisch
  • Frank Lepine
  • Gyorgy Vanko
  • Miklós Tegze
  • Petar Lambrev
  • Géza Groma
  • Carlo Callegari 
  • Attila Bóta
  • Sophie Canton
  • Sasha Chumakov